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What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold Pressed dog food is created through a process that utilises extremely low temperatures, ensuring that the food retains the nutritional advantages similar to raw feeding, while also providing the simplicity and ease of dry food. Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting for raw food to thaw and the concern of raw ingredients potentially contaminating your fridge during defrosting. Many of our customers have happily transitioned from raw feeding to our Country Pursuit Cold Pressed dog food, appreciating the straightforward "pour and feed" method.

To produce our Cold Pressed dog food, we meticulously blend premium ingredients and then press them at low temperatures, ranging from 42°C to 47°C, for just a few seconds. This process helps in preserving the heat-sensitive enzymes, fibers, and all the natural scents and flavours within the ingredients, resulting in a food that is more digestible and nutritionally valuable.

Country Pursuit Cold Pressed dog food is designed to break down slowly in your dog’s tummy, making it easier on their stomach and digestive tract. This is why we recommend our Cold Pressed food for dogs that suffer from allergies, have sensitive stomachs, or experience flatulence or reflux. Additionally, we've noticed that even our pickier canine customers seem to enjoy and favour our Cold Pressed option!

labrador puppies

Many dog owners view Cold Pressing as a more convenient substitute for a home-cooked diet, ensuring their dogs receive the optimal amount of protein without the daily hassle of preparing raw or cooked meals. Given the hectic nature of life, Cold Pressed food emerges as an excellent option for busy dog owners seeking to provide their pets with the advantages of raw feeding, all while saving both time and money.

Country Pursuit Cold Pressed is an extremely versatile product that can either be fed as a main meal or as a cheeky treat!

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