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Nourish Your Adult Dog with Country Pursuit – The Premium Choice for All Breeds!

Introducing the Country Pursuit collection, a range of dog food products meticulously designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of adult dogs of all breeds. Our recipes ensure your canine companion receives the optimal blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy and vibrant life.

Each product in the Country Pursuit lineup is crafted from the finest ingredients, delivering delicious and wholesome meals that dogs love. Choose from our mouth-watering chicken and brown rice, hypoallergenic lamb with tripe, or cold pressed fish and sweet potato recipes, each tailored to support overall health, energy, and well-being.

Country Pursuit dog food is formulated to promote the very best in canine vitality ensuring your dog thrives at every stage of their life.

We understand that every dog owner has different budget considerations, which is why the Country Pursuit collection includes a variety of options to suit all price points. From our cold pressed and premium selections to our more affordable 365 Everyday choices, you can find the perfect product that meets both your dog's nutritional needs and your budget.

Give your dog the best with Country Pursuit – where every meal is a step towards a healthier, happier life!