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Introducing our newly redesigned range of Cold Pressed treats for your beloved canine companions!

Our cold-pressed recipe serves a dual purpose - a complete food solution and a delightful treat. Specially crafted for even the fussiest eaters, our dense, highly palatable biscuits perfectly balance convenience and nutrition.

Our cold-pressed offering is an excellent alternative to both home-cooked and raw diets. With our unique cold pressing technique, we gently press the ingredients at low temperatures, ensuring that the rich flavours and nutritional values remain intact.

Our range features a sumptuous blend of chicken or fish, coupled with sweet potatoes, pure vegetables, and botanical herbs. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide your dog with comprehensive benefits, including joint care, a lustrous coat, immune system support, and even assistance in reducing wind.

Tailored for dogs of all breeds and life stages, from sprightly puppies as young as 4 weeks to wise senior dogs, our Cold Pressed products are made with 100% natural hypoallergenic ingredients. They are particularly ideal for pets with food sensitivities, digestive issues, or grain allergies, being free from grain, gluten, rice, soya, dairy, artificial additives, and preservatives.

Each bite-sized piece averages 8-10mm in diameter and 5-20mm in length and is designed for easy consumption and digestion.

Choose our Cold Pressed range for a wholesome, nutritious, and delicious experience for your dog whether it's as a complete meal or as an additional treat.