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Meet our wonderful Friends of Country Pursuit!

If you’d like your dog featured on our Wall Of Fame and be in with the chance to win a box of goodies every month, then head over to our #FriendsOfCP page and send us some pics!

Bat Fiend!

Basil is a black Labrador who is batty about his bat toy! Basil loves to 'investigate' and is very good at making people's hearts melt!

Muddy Puddle Enthusiast!

Kiki is a Labrador Retriever, loves the water (the muddier the better) and sunbathing, never far from a stick or ball and snores when she sleeps!

Game Connoisseur!

Buster loves nothing better than to while away his day on long walks or equally cuddling on the sofa and has a penchant for the smell of pheasant!

Water Lover!

Moose is mature in years but more than makes up for it in the water. He loves being outdoors.

Cuddle Monster!

Poppy is an 18 month old Fox Red Labrador who came from a rescue centre. She loves a cuddle and has been known to climb on to the back of a sofa in order to curl round her owner's neck just like a scarf!

Human in Dog Form! 

Tyler is an 11 year old German Shepherd who likes to eat Christmas Dinner along with her humans at the dinner table!

Thrill Seeker!

Bibby is 3 years old and a Labrador Retriever. She loves the water and she loves having fun. She is always in the look out for an adventure.

Cute is My Middle Name!

Humphrey is a 6 month old Boxer puppy. Full of beans and growing like he's sleeping in a grow-bag! Humphrey loves to 'investigate' and can be found wondering around the garden.

Owner of the Afro in Town!

Brodie is a 3 year old Labradoodle with curly fur envied by many dogs. Playful and always amenable, Brodie's loves a walk but steers clear of the water, just in case his fur goes flat!


Giacamo is a 4-year-old Hungarian Wizsla with boundless amounts of energy and enjoys at least five walks a day! Energetic and full of life and interest and never on a lead as he springs through the forest almost prancing like a deer.

Happily Retired!

Mr H, as he is fondly known, is a Grandpa at 10 years old. He enjoys the quieter, slower paced life, enjoying long walks in the Surrey Hills and snoozing in the sunshine.

Equipped with Boundless Energy!

Leo is a 3 year old Springer Spaniel who loves chasing a ball and swimming. Leo seems never to tire and sleeps with an eye open just in case he misses anything!

Squirrel Nut!

Minky is a 9yr old Cairn Terrier adopted in America. In her spare time, Minky likes to chase squirrels and pigeons and roll in whatever she can find! She ends up having lots of baths!

Good Sniffer!

Spoof is a retired Police dog, trained to sniff out cash and drugs. He enjoys a quieter life and loves to by his owners side, whether that's walking, snuggling on the sofa watching TV or 'helping' in the kitchen!

Supermodel Wannabe!

George is a black Cavapoo and a bit of a diva! He knows what he wants and when he wants it. George is fun loving and always ready to strut his stuff on a walk!

 Snack Devotee!

Max is a 6yr old Black Labrador. He enjoys eating snacks (mainly carrots, eggs and biscuits) and running in rivers collecting rocks!