About Us

About Us

Our dedicated management team have a wealth of experience working in and around pets and other industries. For some it has been thirty years of growing up with the products, getting to know them from their original concept at the kitchen table, to seeing them grow into an exceptional food that is sold all over the world.

Trusted by gamekeepers, breeders, trainers and royals alike.

Understanding where each member of the team’s strengths has come from and what they bring to the brand is fundamental in knowing why they are here and how that affects what we do.

No one person could do it alone, but by bringing together a team with their skills, experience and love of animals means that to them this is not a job… it is a passion.

Our Milestones

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The Royal Seal of Approval

The Country Pursuit brand has been the proud holder of the Royal Warrant for the supply of pet food to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since 1996.ย  This is an honour of the highest magnitude and one which we take very seriously. In our core business ethics we strive to maintain the standards of integrity that merit this superior accolade.

Our Mission

  • Proudly Made in the UK

    All of the products in our Country Pursuit range are made in the UK from the finest ingredients.

    In fact, in order to receive (and keep) our Royal Warrant, we are required to accurately detail the provenance of every single ingredient.

    So you know that it is Britishโ€ฆ and you know that it is quality!

  • Our Promise To You

    Everything you will find on the Country Pursuit website has been carefully tested and then selected, in order that we are able to confidently stand by the products that we feature on our site.

    We believe that our products are superior and include some of the best products available for your pet.

    We make every effort to deliver everything as quickly as possible and most items are delivered the next day.

    We do not hide behind our email addresses and prefer to speak to our customers either face to face or on the telephone.

    Likewise, if you need to speak to us about your order, or if you have a query about any of our products, we are always happy to help and ready to listen. We enjoy the art of conversation and look forward to your call!

  • Our Promise To The Environment

    We strongly believe that as a company we are responsible for operating in a sustainable manner and achieving the highest standards of environmental practice.

    As a business which is dependent on the health of the animal kingdom for its continued commercial success, we understand we have a duty of care to the natural environment, safeguarding it for future generations.

    We are therefore committed to our Green Policy and encourage our suppliers, our customers and all our business associates and stakeholders to do likewise.

    For more information please take a look at our Green Policy in full,ย here.